Words of Love from St. John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross, Carmelite mystic and new Doctor of the Church says of Jesus

He looks at you through the apertures of the Wounds He received for you

If you ever despair of His love for you; if you think he can’t love you because of your past; if you think that your life goes badly because he has taken his love away from you… He hasn’t. He loves you passionately.

Read more of St. John of the Cross here. I found his words just beautiful. They were just what I needed, too, because some things haven’t been going right for me for quite some time, and I have a tendency to think “This is a punishment for the stupid things I did in the past.” But it’s not true… I’m not being punished. These are just things I have to go through. Jesus is still holding me tightly. He wants me to hold on to him tightly too.

2 thoughts on “Words of Love from St. John of the Cross

  1. Thank-you for sharing this. I tend to steer clear of John of the Cross, because honestly, his writing is usually waaaaay over my head. But I know there are nuggets of awesome in there, just like this, and I’m so grateful to you and others who CAN read John of the Cross and make sense of it for me :).

    I too go way down the road of “this now is because of xyz that I did in my past” and while in my head I know it’s not true, sometimes it’s hard to remember.

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