Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I have no desire to blog. The only thing that keeps me blogging is the friends I have met through blogging, and the fact that my mother-in-law is always telling me how much she likes reading it. I love you, Anita!

— 2 —

This is my own personal Hell Week as we come to the end of campaigning season in this crazy swing state, and our biggest event of the year at work takes place the day after the election. I’m bombarded by campaigning outside of work, and preparing for the event inside.

— 3 —

Today being All Souls Day, I’m thinking a lot about Pa today. I think I’m going to have a Mass said for him, and one for Dee, a little old lady from our parish who “helped” at church on our wedding day. She passed away in September, I think.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord
And let perpetual Light shine upon them.
May they and all the faithful departed,
Through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

— 4 —

People don’t Trick or Treat in our neighborhood, so I had a nice quiet evening of sewing on Wednesday. I turned the TV on to the “Classic Country” music station, which I certainly can’t listen to while Brett is home.

— 5 —

I found a flea on Lucy last Saturday, so I had to give her a bath on Sunday. Poor kitty, she didn’t know what hit her. She never had to have a bath before. She was trying to run away, but I closed the shower doors so that she couldn’t. I was very gentle and I used “natural” cat shampoo and medication, so she smelled like cloves for days. I expected that she would cry or try to scratch me. In fact, she didn’t even stay mad at me. Maybe it was because I heated a towel in the dryer and wrapped her in it afterwards. I like wrapping myself up in a warm towel too.

— 6 —

A co-worker said something dumb to me yesterday. She asked me about what I did for Halloween. I said I stayed at home and sewed since no one comes to our house and she said “Oh, you weren’t out running around with your kids?” Um, hello? I didn’t have kids when I started working here, I’ve never been pregnant in my life, and I don’t have kids now. Of course I wasn’t running around with my nonexistent children.

— 7 —

Someone at church said something dumb on Monday, too. She asked me if I had kids and when I frowned and said “Not yet,” she said “Good for you.” I’m sorry, but really? At a Catholic church, no less, and I was frowning, so I obviously didn’t think thatwas the ideal situation. I just don’t get people.

So, I hope none of you will say dumb things to me about children. I can’t take it. What I can take is if you have a good weekend, ok? God bless you.

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12 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Ugh – too bad we don’t get paid for “dumb things people say to us about children” – I’m at least hoping it knocks of some time in purgatory.

    Why have I never considered a heated towl to ease my furbabies stress after baths? Ugh! Our dogs might get baths this weekend just so I can do this! (I’m not sure they will be impressed with my logic, but oh well.)

    Have a good weekend!

    • LOL. Pets never are quite impressed with logic.
      Someone recently had a question on their blog to put up things that should give you time off purgatory. I had considered saying something like this, but I couldn’t figure out how to word it, especially since it was a mother with several children. I didn’t want her to think I was angry at her or resentful of the fact that she has kids and I don’t.

  2. I love how parents urge me not to have kids right away. I like to respond that I wish we didn’t need need to wait right now because children are a blessing. You usually can then see the guilt written on their face that they don’t usually consider their kids to be a blessing.

  3. #7 WOW. I get that quite a bit too. People make awkward comments about being pregnant/having a baby and then tell me I shouldn’t yet, and to wait. I want to say first of all, when did a decision between myself, my husband, and God become public conversation? And second of all, I should wait for what? That magic number of years when it’s acceptable to society to have a baby? People frustrate me!!! Sorry you’ve been dealing with it!

  4. What really baffles me is how people think it’s their business. When I don’t tell them why we don’t have kids they press and press and demand to know. Take a hint! If I wanted you to know, you’d know!

    • I am pretty sure that if I told them in detail about all the problems that are keeping us from having kids, they would be grossed out and never ask me another question…

  5. #5: You are an awesome kitty mama.

    #6/7: People never are happy with my answers on kids. First it was that I wasn’t having any and why wasn’t I. Now it’s about when I’m going to have another. I’m with Stacy on this — since when was a conversation between Jon, God and myself supposed to be public?

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