What I Wore Sunday


This is my first time linking up to Fine Linen and Purple’s “What I Wore Sunday.” I had to make myself get ready with enough time to have Brett take my picture! The idea of this linkup is simple: Share what you wear to church on Sunday (or Saturday if you go on Saturday).  This way, we share outfit ideas with others as well as our joy of going to church!

So, without further ado, here’s my first photo, with my “Advent Tree” in the background.

Sunday in front of the tree

My outfit: A black cowl neck sweater, which I have had for about nine years, I think I bought it at J.C. Penney; thrifted JonesWear skirt, with a fine pink thread running through the plaid; gray tights from Meijer; inexpensive black flats from Burlington Coat Factory; and a thrifted ($10!) Etienne Aigner bag. The earrings are also Aigner, from a yard sale. The bracelet was a gift from a co-worker, and the necklace is my St. Dominic medal, which as a Lay Dominican, I must wear unless I’m wearing my white scapular. This outfit is, like most of my outfits, partly old and partly thrifted, but I usually get compliments on this skirt. I wore my hair down today because I was too lazy to do anything with it, but I did wear makeup, which is different than usual. I do like to look my best, but I try not to put in more effort than I need to.

9 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday

  1. I love that skirt. Perfect for winter. My hubby and I recently moved up North from Cali (and before then FL), so I finally get to enjoy warm/cozy clothes.

  2. I love that the sweater is 9 years old! I don’t get rid of ANYthing that still fits and looks fine, regardless of how old it is. Some of my favorite pieces are quite old lol. I’m super intrigued about your being a Lay Dominican and now off to follow that site :).

    • Yeah, I just can’t thrift the right pink sweater. I’ve tried twice, even wearing the skirt at the time for matching purposes, but after I get them home, they’re not right.

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