He Leadeth Me

My most recent book is He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ. Fr. Ciszek was a Polish-American Jesuit missionary who ended up spending many years in Soviet prisons, both in solitary confinement and in the bustle of a crowded work camp. Each chapter explores a time of his life in such confinement and an aspect of the spiritual life. Through the examples of his own life, Fr. Ciszek teaches important lessons for all Christians in the spiritual life.

I enjoyed this book immensely and I feel that I have learned and internalized a great deal that will serve me in my quest to improve my relationship with God. However, it took me a very long time to read because it is so profound and I would sometimes feel that I needed to meditate on a single chapter for days at a time. It is not difficult to read, but gives so much to chew on.

As I read, I felt like I could hear Fr. Ciszek’s voice saying the words, and I understood why he is called a Servant of God, the first step toward canonization. A Saint is someone who lived a life of heroic virtue. I believe that Fr. Ciszek’s life demonstrated such virtue, and his words are profound and inspiring.

7 thoughts on “He Leadeth Me

  1. I also love “Brother James’ Air” (called “The Lord’s My Shepherd” in our hymnal). We sing it on Good Shepherd Sunday which is 4 weeks after Easter.

    • That’s when Good Shepherd Sunday is for us too. That’s a good chice of hymns for that day. At my parish, we don’t have either hymn in the hymnal, but the choir (of which I am a member) sings Brother James’s Air from time to time. A phrase that sticks in my head for weeks at a time is “He leadeth me, he leadeth me/the quiet waters by.”

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