Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Better late than never. I meant to blog this morning, but Brett got called to substitute teach so we had to rush to get ready so I could drop him off in time for school.

— 2 —

Today was my office’s annual Advent retreat. It was wonderful. The pastor of a local parish shared reflections of the Sunday Advent and Christmas Midnight and Day time Mass readings. We discussed the theme of Christ as our light.

— 3 —

A sacramental is an object that reminds us of God and our Faith. My favorite reflection that father shared with us at the retreat today was how a Christmas tree is a sacramental because it reminds us of how heaven came down to earth – it has a star or an angel on top which remind us of heaven, and gifts, a crèche, or a train below, which remind us of earth. And, it is covered with lights which bring to mind Jesus, our light.

— 4 —

I have my Christmas shopping over half done. I think it’s much easier when you don’t have children, although I would give up the convenience for that joy in a minute.

— 5 —

We were invited to three different Christmas parties that will all take place on the evening of December 15. I was a little stressed out trying to choose which one to attend, but we made our choice. Actually, when we were trying to decide, I didn’t even know about the third invitation, I only found out about it yesterday, after we had already responded that we would be attending one.

— 6 —

It has been slow going reading Witness to Hope. I guess I won’t post any more book reviews this year. I could review A Fish Out of Water, my 18-month-old nephew Grayson’s favorite book. I have read it several times.

— 7 —

Please pray for me on Sunday. Brett and I, along with our friend Camille, will be making Temporary Promises in the Dominican Lay Fraternity. We will promise to live the life of the Gospel in the charism and guidance of the Dominican order for the next three years. It will be a continuing time of discernment whether a Life Promise in the order is God’s call for us. In addition, our friends Gina and Doug will be making Life Promises. Please pray for all of us. I will be praying for you all and I will write a special intention for my readers in the intention book that our Lay Fraternity Chapter has at each meeting for our Holy Hour.

Have a lovely weekend.

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