What I Wore Sunday



I was busy having a wonderful day yesterday, so I couldn’t post about my clothing until today.  This Sunday was the day I made temporary promises in the Lay Fraternity of St. Dominic. The colors of the Dominican Order are black (for penance) and white (for purity). This greatly influenced my choice of dress for this special occasion.

Jeanne on Temporary Promises Day

The dress is from Burlington Coat Factory, it was less than $20 almost four years ago when I was preparing for my wedding. I wore it to my wedding rehearsal. I’m also wearing a cropped cardigan which was a gift, a black long-sleeved Old Navy henley, a black tank top, black tights, and black flats. In addition to all this darkness, I’m wearing my white scapular, which is the “habit” of the Dominican order. I’m also wearing a big smile because now I can call myself Mrs. Jeanne G., OP.

I thought I’d also share my hairdo. It was a little fuzzy, but pretty and easy. I find it important that Sunday hairdos be easy because I don’t want to waste time in the morning, but I want to look my best for worship or whatever may come my way. This style is called a seashell bun because of its shell-like form. It’s made by wrapping coiled hair around your left hand, then carefully pulling your hand out, holding the bun down, and pinning. I took this photo in the mirror, so it looks like I coiled it around my right hand, but you get the idea.

Seashell bun

12 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday

    • Thank you!

      I bet you could do something like that with your hair. Of course, it would look a bit different because it’s curly.

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