What I Wore Sunday

What I Wore Sunday

WIWS 012713

Here I am in a very, very pink bathroom at a banquet center with way-too-long bangs and end of the evening hair all together… This is the same outfit I wore to Mass, but then I hung around in sweats most of the day and got dressed up again for the Knights of Columbus Clergy Appreciation Night. We had a lovely evening with two of our favorite transitional deacons and some friends at our table. The catered meal was pasta and chicken covered in cheese, but Brett called and requested a special meal for me, so I had yummy fish, a baked potato, and green beans. I gave Brett my spumoni.

Outfit details:

Shoes, Dansko ($8 at a consignment shop)
Tights, Meijer, a long time ago
Skirt, Mossimo for Target ($4 at Goodwill)
Sweater, Ancient JC Penney, I’ve had it since it was new
Bag, on chair, $2.50 on clearance at Target
Rings, Diamond Cellar, I still don’t know how much they cost 😉

For more lovely Sunday attire, go to Fine Linen and Purple!

9 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday

  1. You look very nice! The floor faked me out. I thought it was your kitchen floor but the walls threw me off. Glad you had a good time and glad Brett took care of your meal. Hugs to you both! Love ya!

  2. That skirt is a long-lost sister to my dress from yesterday! Love the poof. And I’ve never worn my old Danskos with a dress. I’ll have to give that a try!

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