Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I’m so tired. The biggest thing that got me to get out of bed this morning is the fact that I have to turn a timesheet at work today.

— 2 —

I’m hoping to have a restful weekend. I have shopping, laundry, and studying to do, but I’m hoping I can take some time to just relax.

— 3 —

The best meal I made this week: taco potatoes. I got the recipe out of a flyer from my grocery store. It was so quick and easy that I memorized it right then: Brown hamburger, drain. Add taco seasoning (I make my own), a 6-ounce can of tomato sauce, a 15-ounce can of diced tomatoes with green chilies (like Ro-Tel), and a cup of frozen corn kernels. Heat through and serve over baked potatoes. Brett didn’t eat his over potatoes, and he said it was just as good. I needed to add that starch because I made the taco seasoning a little too spicy for me.

— 4 —

We’re starting an adult faith formation course that promises to be pretty tough. It’s Fr. John Hardon, SJ’s Basic Catechist Course . It’s an individual correspondence course, but we’re going through it alongside our Dominican Fraternity Chapter and some other guests. We are going to have monthly meetings to discuss what we’ve learned with our Friar and get some of his words of wisdom.

— 5 —

I should start making memes with pictures of my pets. As a matter of fact…

April says "Go Away!"

— 6 —

It looks like I’ll be getting new tires for my car soon, whether I want to or not. I’ve known I needed new tires for over a year (!) but I put it off because they are so expensive! Then last week, there was a storm while I was at work and I almost couldn’t get home because the road I live on was so icy and my tires so bad. Evidently my parents have some information about less expensive tires for me, but when I tried to call back yesterday, no one answered.

— 7 —

Wow. I made it to seven. Too bad I have nothing more to say!

God bless you and give you a good weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. I must say that I hope you have a wonderful time at Third Order. I will not have the money for the course. 😦

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