Seven Quick Takes

This week, just to clarify:

— 1 —

Formerly: It used to be. For example, I was formerly called Jeanne T. before I got married and became Jeanne G.

Formally: In a formal manner, in the official way. NYC is formally called New York City.

— 2 —

St. Patty: Short for St. Patricia. Patty is a woman’s name. St. Patty of Naples’ day is August 25. St. Patty of Nicomedia’s day is March 13.

St. Paddy: Short for St. Patrick. Paddy is a man’s name. St. Paddy’s day is March 17.

— 3 —

Allot: To give a certain amount. I allot carrots to my bunnies.

A lot: A large amount. My bunnies like a lot of carrots.

My bunnies

— 4 —

Heard: Past tense of hear. I heard my cat meowing.

Herd: A large group of animals or the action of getting them into a group. I am glad I don’t have to try to herd cats.

— 5 —

Eucharistic Minister: A priest.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: A layperson deputized by a priest to assist in distributing Holy Communion.

— 6 —

Tick: A nasty little arachnid that burrows under the skin.

Tic: An involuntary movement. I develop one when I read some of these errors.

— 7 —

Frances: Usually a woman’s name.

This is St. Frances of Rome (with an angel)

This is St. Frances of Rome (with an angel)

This is St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

This is St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Francis: Usually a man’s name.

This is St. Francis of Assisi

This is St. Francis of Assisi

This is St. Francis de Sales

This is St. Francis de Sales

This is St. Francis Xavier

This is St. Francis Xavier

This is Pope Francis

This is Pope Francis

Viva il Papa!

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19 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Disagree with #2.

    My source? The old guys in mom’s home town, who definitely were called Pat and Patty(Pattie, Pattey, and probably variations with only one T.). Actually got my mom in trouble, her dad signed something “Pat” instead of his given name, because that’s what he went by.

    Spelling was kinda to personal taste, as nice as a hard’n’fast rule would be…..

      • Mom says it’s a pretty common pattern for names, going from only men to men and women to just women– one of our daughters is actually named for a man who has what’s now a “woman’s” name, and a friend has the full given name of Robby.

        Oooh, Allis is a pretty spelling, though! (And, just to be contrary, my brain says that it’s a lovely Scottish spelling for a gal, maybe for a witch in a Terry Pratchett book.)

        I’d point out that my objections are all most of a century old— language develops, and the name rules make sense. Goodness, my grandfather’s name was Gail, and by the time he was a father THAT was odd!

      • LOL. No kidding. Don’t get me started on the people who try to spell my name Gene. (or call me Jeannie… but that’s another whole issue)

  2. Totally guilty of the Paddy/Patty mixup. Luckily, I say it way more than I spell it ;). Speaking of ‘than’, then and than are a mix up pet peeve of mine.

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