Seven Quick Takes: Where have I been?

— 1 —

I consciously decided to take Holy Week off from blogging this year. It would be good for me. I had had a whirlwind Lent and I didn’t really feel prepared for the holiness of the Triduum liturgies and Easter, so I wanted to unplug for a little while. I didn’t realize that I would unplug for so long!

— 2 —

Coincidentally, something was going on inside my body that I wanted to watch as well. See, Good Friday was to be P+18. For those of you who don’t do NFP, that means I would be welllll past ovulation. Like, most people would take a pregnancy test around P+12. Because of the medications I was taking, my doctor asked me to wait until P+17 to test, but I had had a few heatbreaks on P+17, so I decided sometime last summer that I would wait until P+18. But, P+18 was Good Friday, and since the doctor’s office might not be open, Brett asked me to test on Holy Thursday.

— 3 —

So I did.

Two lines means positive!

Two lines means positive!

— 4 —

And what a whirlwind it’s been since then! I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks on April 29, and we saw this.

The tech said "Oh, you have two."

The tech said “Oh, you have two.”

— 5 —

For those of you who aren’t skilled at looking at ultrasound photos… that’s right. There are TWO BABIES in there!

— 6 —

I had about eight weeks of exhaustion and intense nausea (no vomiting, thank you very much). I’m due December 3. And now I’m just exhausted and eating like a horse, and I look something like this.

14 weeks, teeny baby bump

14 weeks, teeny baby bump

— 7 —

By the way, at the end of last month, we took a long road trip out west for a friend’s ordination. Congratulations, Father Chris! We also went to the Grand Canyon.

At the Grand Canyon

At the Grand Canyon

God bless you. I hope you have lots of good news in your life, too!

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30 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: Where have I been?

  1. I am so happy for you! Double happy for you!

    I was ravenous most of my pregnancy and eating a ton of protein (100 g daily) made a big difference.

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