“Womb Service” – Pregnancy Cravings

I’m linking up with Katrina at Cedars and Tiny Flowers to talk about pregnancy cravings. She’s a little further along in her pregnancy than I am, and she has another little one already, so she knows from cravings.

People are always asking me if I’m having any cravings, so I thought you readers might be interested. If not, sorry, this blog is mostly about my pregnancy right now. Because my life is mostly about my pregnancy right now. Amen.

So, what have I craved, or what do I still crave?

1. Sour stuff:  Just about from the beginning of my pregnancy I have craved pickles, lemonade, olives, and sour candy… I have eaten a jar of olives (not all at once…) and I order lemonade every time I’m in a restaurant. I haven’t gotten to have too many pickles. I always forget them when I’m in the grocery store. I haven’t even tried to get sour candy. I’m trying to eat  healthy.

2. Lobster:  My first crazy craving was at about six weeks, for steamed lobster with lots of melted butter. I have not been able to fulfill this craving yet, so it resurfaces from time to time. Lobster has always been one of my favorite foods, but it was just much easier (and cheaper) to get growing up in Maine than it is here in Ohio.

3. Macaroni and Cheese:  I wanted mac and cheese so bad that I decided I didn’t need to keep up with the no-dairy diet. So far, I haven’t had any adverse affects from eating dairy. I used gluten free noodles, and I made yummy homemade mac and cheese. I ate the whole pot within a couple of days and then my tummy did hurt. I think it was too much cheese. I haven’t craved that again.

4. Cheetos:  This is when I knew my cravings were really pregnancy cravings:  I craved Cheetos so bad, and I don’t even like them. I was able to get a few, and then luckily my taste for them was gone.

5. Any combination of fat and protein, as long as it’s not sweet:  Cheeseburgers, fries (another thing I’m not crazy about usually), steak with sauce, peanut butter, whole milk. Whatever it is, if it has fat and protein, I’m there.

And now, for my aversions:

I have always loved vegetables, but for the first trimester and a couple of weeks thereafter, the only way I could choke them down was if I put enough butter and salt not to taste them. I also couldn’t even look at eggs during that time. I’m so glad I’m over both of these aversions. I can pretty much eat anything now… and I do!

If you’re interested in what other ladies crave, or you want to share your crazy cravings, go visit Katrina. Do it, it’ll be fun!

9 thoughts on ““Womb Service” – Pregnancy Cravings

  1. We have such similar cravings! Oh how I love mac and cheese 🙂 I have heard that sometimes those who have trouble with dairy normally are fine during pregnancy, but it sounds like you already satisfied that craving!

    Thank you for linking up!

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