21 Weeks

I’m now 21 weeks pregnant. I’m over halfway through this pregnancy. What a happy time!

Even though I’m having twins, I have just finally started looking pregnant rather than chubby.

Exhibit A:

21 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant

I’m not feeling very big still, but I am kind of stiff, and having to catapult myself off of the sofa or bed when I stand up. My feet are swollen and I get achy in the ab muscles when I over-exert myself, but I’m surprised at how healthy I am, being an older first timer and having two! I am now craving French toast… I haven’t been able to get any yet, but maybe soon.

The babies are doing great. We got to see an ultrasound of them on Thursday. They are growing well, and they are both about the same size. We found out their sexes… but we’re not telling. You’ll have to wait until they’re born to find out. We have also almost decided on names for them. We are coming to an agreement on a middle name for one, the other one has both names. It could go without saying that we’re not telling their names until they’re born… because that would give away their genders.


Baby A, on my left

Baby A, on my left

Baby B, on my right

Baby B, on my right

I am so excited to share more of this journey with you as I travel it!

12 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. Yay! Happy babies and happy mama! You look great! Oh man, I craved French Toast too: I made a big batch thinking I would freeze it but instead I kept eating them as they came off the grill. I ate 5 pieces in just one sitting! My husband was a little scared.

    • I have never been able to make good French toast. I want to get it in a restaurant. However, it’s going to be a big cheat on the gluten free diet, and I have to time my cheats so they don’t pile up too much πŸ˜‰ I am lucky I don’t suffer much when I cheat.

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