Augustine and Maria’s Birth Story, Part III: The LOOOOOONG-Awaited Conclusion

Well, I left you hanging for many a year, but on the eve of my twins’ fifth birthday, I feel like I need to wrap it up.

See parts I and II.

After my nap, I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed, but still hungry. A nurse had come in to check my cervix one more time. This time, miracle of miracles, I was at ten centimeters.

The nurse asked me to try a practice push and soon suggested that I not push again, since she could see Augustine’s hair. She would get Dr. Parker to the hospital and to get things going. The room was suddenly full of people to take care of my little ones and me.

The anesthesiologist turned down my epidural dose at my request so I’d at least be able to feel some of the birth, but it was rather surreal as Brett and a nurse placed my feet in the stirrups. I found pushing to be much easier than I had imagined and Dr. Parker said I was doing well at it. I could feel Augustine turning as he moved down. I don’t recall how many contractions it took for him, but it wasn’t long before he was out, crying, whisked to the other side of the room to be weighed and measured. It was 3:07 a.m. Brett held him skin to skin while the doctor broke Maria’s sac, and she was born on the next contraction, at 3:17 a.m. After she was weighed and measured, I got to hold them both. I was so amazed!

I still had very little pain, but I had a huge rush of overwhelming joy and awe as I observed my new little ones, memorizing their faces and marveling at their tiny fingernails. Augustine had a full head of fine brown hair, while Maria had nearly-invisible blond velvet on top of her head. It was amazing to see their little noses and how different they looked from each other – even though to this day, people tell me that they look alike.

Sleepy babies

Newborn twins, Maria on the left and Augustine on the right

I remember some details so well, and others, not as much. I don’t remember what I finally had to eat except some orange juice that the Bradley Method suggested for after the birth. I remember going up to the post-partum floor of the hospital in my bed, without my babies, as they went up separately, but after that we were soon reunited. They stayed mostly in my room as we tried to work out the finer points of feeding and eating, but with the amount of fluids we received during labor and the difficulty we had getting established in breastfeeding, the littles lost a bit too much weight. By the time I was able to leave the hospital, they were still not ready. It was a wonderful gift we were given to be able to stay in the same room until they would be released, even though I wasn’t being treated anymore. They were born Thursday morning, November 21, a week before Thanksgiving. We would leave the hospital to begin our home life as a family of four on Monday.

What blessings God has given us!

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